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SocialPI Then and Now

SocialPI Then and Now

On February 28th, 2018, I created the first requirement  for a product I called SocialPI that would later shape what we now call ParallelScore.

Product Requirement for SocialPI - February 2018

These two artifacts have now evolved to be so intertwined on a common goal of shaping the future. However, before this moments was the true beginning of a young man's obsession with an ambitious goal of creating 1000 jobs in Africa within a decade.

The compelling desire to build in Africa was inspired by a young boy I encountered in Ajegule, Lagos on December 24th, 2015 while supporting an organization in doing some holiday charity. I documented that experience on my previous blog site (https://symplx.com/counting-our-blessings-with-kinnect/).

How it all began

The smaller details lead to the bigger picture. subscribe to this site as we amplify the story ParallelScore and great innovations happening in Africa and across the globe.

What is the new SocialPI?

We are currently recruiting at ParallelScore to build the next version of SocialPI with this proposed architecture.

If you are, or know a great engineer, designer, product manager or all around great talent, please reach out to us via twitter using this tag -> #Amplify^SocialPI.

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Starting Point - SocialPI v2

The political process in Africa is a very complex one and it lacks transparency. The public opinion is sometimes disconnected from trending data. We want to test the idea against the upcoming Nigeria election by developing a SIMPLE platform that

  1. Pulled all candidate's profile data into one place
  2. Process and analyze their social engagement data to provide sentiment analysis
  3. Compare the official ranking of the candidate to that of our platform using scraped data
  4. Enable public to unofficially vote for candidate
  5. and lastly, simulate the process of the public financially contributing to support political campaigns.